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Pleased to meet you!
We are a small, 3 generations family run business, which goes back to the early 1950s.

All our sandals are created by hand and from scratch. It’s a craft that Savvas learned from his father. If you want to see your sandals being made, please contact us when you place your order. We are able to send you a video-clip of your sandals being made!

– Last traditional leather workshop in Rhodes, Greece –

We pride for being the only traditional leather workshop on the island of Rhodes. We surely take our time to create a pair of sandals however it is created from scratch and by hand. We can create a pair of sandals for any foot. Find out more here or get in touch if you have any special requirements, all we are going to need is your feet’s measurements.

– Our handmade products –

We care about what we create, so we like to know where the materials we use are coming from. We are all about keeping it local. Everything we use to make our products is sourced from fellow local suppliers in Greece.

Our leather is Greek which we get from suppliers whom we have worked with for many decades. Greek leather is known for its high quality and is being used worldwide. We are creatures of habit and that is why we will continue using the best “cuts” of leather Greece has to offer.


Please note, every pair of our sandals has two tiny holes on the insole. You may be able to see them on all of our photos and of course on all of our sandals when you purchase. It is a proof that your sandals are made by hand.

This is because we still model every sandal, when this is made, on traditional wooden lasts. This technique makes sure your sandal has the best possible fit on your foot. The holes slowly become less visible and disappear with time and use.



Feedback is very important for an artist to keep on creating and improving.
Please let us know what you think of our products.
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